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Meet the Animals!

About our farm

Two Stones Farm is a small family farm located in Halcott Center, NY.  It is owned and operated by Alan and Robin White, who have been living in the Catskills for over 35 years.  After meeting at Cornell University, graduating with environmental and animal science degrees, and getting married, they started farming in 2001. With the help of their three children, Two Stones Farm grew larger and larger, but after the children grew up and moved away,  Alan retired and started farming full time.  Robin is still a teacher at Andes Central School, helping Alan whenever she can, but Alan is the real muscle behind Two Stones Farm.  Alan and Robin have a philosophy of sustainability that is in tune with the natural world, and they try to have as small a carbon footprint as they can each and every day.  In addition to their all-natural vegetable and fruit gardens, Two Stones Farm is home to goats, dairy sheep, Jersey cows, chickens, guinea fowl, dogs, cats, and alpacas.  At Two Stones Farm, we  strive to make delicious and healthy products that are a pleasure to share with our customers!

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