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We are a small family farm located in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. Our products are available for purchase at our farm and at many farm stands and cheese shops around the area.  Check out the "Where can you find our cheeses" page for more information.

Our Cheeses


Halcott Sunrise

A blended mix of cow and goat milk give this traditional tomme a delightful taste, texture, and color.  This is the hardest, sharpest cheese that we produce, and it never fails to deliver.   The sunshine yellow color is derived from the creamy Jersey Cow milk we use, and the well-developed taste is a product of old fashioned aging on white oak boards in our cheese cave. Also available in all cow milk.


Mountain Medley

Award winning Blended Gouda style cheese made from cow and goat milk.  Our Mountain Medley is a washed curd cheese, so it has a wonderful sweetness along with a complex mix of both cow and goat flavors, changing as it is chewed in a very unique fashion.  We wash the rind instead of waxing it in order to let the best flavor develop in this popular cheese variety.  Also available in all cow milk.  Coming in the spring of 2018 will be a traditional cumin seed variety.


Harvest Moon Tomme

Cave-aged goat milk cheese made using the traditional recipe and methods of French Tomme production.  These beauties take several months to mature, and are finally ready to enjoy by the time of the Harvest Moon, where they get their name from.  They are definitely worth waiting for!


Betta Feta


Our Gold Medal winner Feta style cheese is made from a blend of cow and goat milks. This delicious Betta Feta cheese retains its pure white color throughout the aging process.  Just the right amount of salt makes this your "go to" cheese for the most delicious salads and Greek Style Stuffed Mushrooms you will ever enjoy.  Also available in all cow milk during the winter and spring months.


Catskills Gold


Havarti style blend of cow and goat milk, one of our newest varieties.  Semi-hard, buttery gold, and oh so delicious you won't be able to stop eating this beauty. Enjoy our plain, dill, or caraway seed choices. This washed curd cheese is aged in our cheese cave in order to fully develop its unique nutty flavor.  Also available in all cow milk.


Fromage Blanc

Soft, spreadable fresh cheese made from a blend of cow and goat milk. Enjoy plain or with special ingredients added such as Maple Syrup, French Herbs, Honey Lavender, Rosemary Garlic, Port Wine, Dill, Honey Berry, Fresh Chives, Spicy Horseradish, Apple Cinnamon, and many more, direct from our farmstead to you!

Three Amigos.JPG

Three Amigos (Moo-Chego in the winter months)


An amazing Manchego style blend of sheep, cow, and goat milks (all cow "Moo-Chego" in the winter and spring), our newest variety to hit the shelves in 2018.  This unique, delicious cheese that we have created exclusively here at Two Stones Farm is creamy, smooth, and quite addicting.  Our Three Amigos blend can be described as a Manchego Fresco, buttery and flavorful. Our Moo-Chego reminds us of a creamy Muenster, yet still provides that wonderful Manchego finish.  You can enjoy Three Amigos while our goats and sheep provide us with rich milk in the summer and fall, and Moo-Chego when the calves are born in the winter and spring.  ¡Ole! 

Annabel Blue.jpg

Annabel Blue (Bushkill Blue in the winter months)


New for 2019 is our special blend of sheep, goat, and cow milks that combine to produce a blue cheese that is absolutely out of this world.  Mild, creamy, and wildly delicious, this unique cheese is quickly developing a devoted following.  Limited availability until our "blue cave" is in full production later this year.

[All cow milk version, available in the winter = Bushkill Blue]


Northwind (Alpine Meadow in summer months)

Coming in the winter of 2020!  Our newest cheese variety, "Northwind", a smooth and delicious combination of flavors you will find hard to resist!  This comte style creation, made with all cow milk (goat/cow blend in the summer), will absolutely melt in your mouth. Great as an accompaniment for your favorite white wine, sliced sweet pears, or hot and gooey in an unforgettable fondue treat.  Available at our store in Fleischmanns now!

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